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History of the Tournament


44th Annual Anaheim Lions Charity Baseball Tournament

History of the Tournament

The tournament started in 1975 with “just nine” local high school teams playing in an elimination tournament. Fast forward 44 years and the tournament will play host to 88 high school teams, including 21 from out of the state of California. Each team will have the opportunity to play five games against schools from here in Orange County or as far away as Illinois.

This year, the tournament will host teams from Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Utah, Oregon and Nevada as well as northern and central California. All teams are member s of their state associations and all games will be played by local CIF and national NFHS rules. The Anaheim Lions Club is the sponsoring entity and the host school is Anaheim High School. Co-chairs of the tournament are Lion Rod Wallace (all 44 years of the tournaments existence) and Lion Chuck Kester. As the tournament will play in excess of 210 games in five days, the umpire assignors in all of Southern California are critical for the tournaments success and the Lions Club is grateful for all of their time and assistance. Chris Pascal, who has been involved in the last 33 tournaments is in charge of securing the teams that play and setting up the schedule along with Mike Barrera, the head coach at Anaheim High School. The tournament is co-sponsored by the city of Anaheim, which provides the use of city owned fields.

Purpose of the Tournament

The purpose of the Anaheim Lions Baseball Tournament is to provide for the participating schools to meet and compete for a coveted trophy and to raise funds to assist the visually and hearing impaired as well as other non-profit organizations in the community.


Proceeds from the tournament will benefit, but are not limited to the following organizations or causes:

Anaheim Boy’s and Girls Clubs; Anaheim Family YMCA; Blind Children’s Learning Center; Braille Institute; City of Hope; Foundation for the Junior Blind; Friends of the Anaheim Police K9’s; Guide Dogs of the Desert; Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation; Lions Canine Companions and the Anaheim Youth of the Year Scholarships. In addition, proceeds are provided to benefit its on-going eye care program which provides needy local elementary school children with eye exams and glasses.


Trophies are awarded to the champion and runner-up schools. The championship school will also receive the coveted Perpetual trophy to display at their school for the next calendar year. An MVP trophy is awarded to the player deemed the most valuable and each school will have representation on the All-Tournament team. Members of the championship team will each receive a T-Shirt as will each member of the All-Tournament Team.



A Brief Tournament History

Started in 1975 with just eight teams and a guarantee of only two games, this years tournament field will be made up of 88 teams, including 21 from out of state.  With most teams playing five games, the tournament will play over 210 games in five days of play (some schools are only playing 4 games).  With the help of so many local high school coaches that sacrifice their time to get their fields ready for games, teams will not only play at the city parks of Anaheim, but from venues in Los Angeles to Riverside County and as far south as San Juan Capistrano in Orange County. 

On this website and in the program sold at different locations, you can see the number of teams that have participated over the 44 years of the tournament (over 270 as of this year) and how many years your particular school has participated.

What started out as a small local tournament for local schools has exploded into a nationally recognized tournament and the Lions thank you for your support. 

The Charities that benefit

Some, but not all of the charities that benefit from the proceeds of this tournament:

Blind Children's CA Lions Eye Institute

Foundation for the Junior Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Project Look

Guide Dogs of the Desert

Lions Canine Companions

PADRE Foundation

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic

Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim

Anaheim YMCA

Anaheim Youth of the Year

In addition, proceeds will benefit the on-going eye care program of the Anaheim Lions Club in assisting needy local elementary school children with eye exams and glasses. 


The purpose of the Lions Tournament

The purpose of the Lions Baseball Tournament each year is to provide an opportunity for the participating high schools to meet and compete for a coveted trophy and to raise funds to assist the visually and hearing impaired as well as other non-profit organizations in the community.  The Tournament is sponsored by the Anaheim Lions Club, The Community Services Department of the City of Anaheim and the host high school, Anaheim High School.  This tournament is run in compliance with all NHSF and CIF rules and regulations.

Who are the Lions?

                                                     ANAHEIM  LIONS CLUB   1922 - 2017


      The Story: This is a synopsis of the 95 year history of  the Anaheim Lions Club.  It is comprised of members from the original Anaheim Lions Club, the Anaheim Host Lions Club, the Anaheim Sunrise Lions Club, and the Anaheim Evening Lions Club.

     The Beginning : It all began on a hot summer’s day, one Friday in August of 1922, when five businessmen having lunch at the Anaheim Elks Club discussed the possibility of forming a luncheon club.  The following Friday, they met again and by the 15th of September there were 26 prospective members.  The Lions organization was getting started in California, so this group started Anaheim’s first Lions Club. The records show that the charter party was held sometime between November 10-17, 1922.  The Santa Ana Host Lions Club was the sponsoring club and Bob White, a local businessman, was the first Club President. The club was chartered with 37 members. In December of that year the Club participated in its first Sight Conservation Program, caring for local children and later started to provide eye care for children south of the border, now a Project Look function.



Three Lions Clubs in Anaheim: In 1957 the Anaheim Lions Club became known as the Anaheim Host Lions  Club when  it sponsored the Anaheim Breakfast Lions Club which later changed its name to Anaheim Sunrise Lions Club.  In 1961 it sponsored the West Anaheim Lions Club as a noon club. Later it changed to evening meetings and changed its name to Anaheim Evening Lions Club.


     District Governors and Conventions: The Anaheim Lions Club has contributed three District Governors to the District and currently has one Past District Governor as one of its members, Jack Mauller, who transferred from another club.      The Anaheim Host Club co-sponsored the Multiple District-Four (California-Nevada) Convention in 1962 at the Disneyland Hotel, in 1970 at the Anaheim Convention Center and in 1992 at the Hilton Hotel.


     Hong Kong Sister City Lions Club The Anaheim Host Club became a sister-city club of the Hong Kong Host Club and joined with them in establishing a drug rehabilitation program in that city.  In 1985, 30 Anaheim members and families visited Hong Kong to celebrate the Hong Kong Lions Club’s 30th Anniversary which also coincided with Disneyland’s 30th Anniversary. Disneyland  provided many Disney souvenirs to present to the Hong Kong Club.  Again, in 1990, approximately 15 members and their families visited the Hong Kong Club, where they were hosted to a fabulous evening at the Hong Kong Hilton.


     Merging The ClubsIn 2005:  Over the years, times and habits changed and each of the clubs experienced declining memberships. In 2005 the three clubs, Anaheim Host, Anaheim Sunrise, and Anaheim Evening combined memberships to become the Anaheim Lions Club. All activities, fund raisers, charitable projects, etc. were assumed by the Anaheim Lions Club.










                                     WHAT’S GOING ON TODAY, THE YEAR 2017?




     Club President:  The Current President of the Anaheim Lions Club is Brain Clausen. Lion Rod Wallace helped start the Annual Easter Baseball Tournament in 1975 and has served as Tournament Chairman for over 35 years, although he has finally passed the torch to Chuck Kester who took the lead role in 2015...Rod is still very involved, but has learned to share his duties!!!  He also has chaired the Youth of the Year Award Selection Project since its Inception.


     Anaheim Lions Club 43rd Annual Charity Spring Baseball Tournament  March 25 - March 29, 2017


In 1975 the tournament began as the West Anaheim Lions Easter Baseball Tournament. Eight local high school teams played in a single elimination tournament and they were only guaranteed two games.  It is now known as the Anaheim Lions Club Annual Charity Spring Baseball Tournament.  This will be our 43rd Annual Tournament with 75 varsity high school teams participating, including four teams from Utah, three teams from Nevada, three teams from Oregon, two teams from Colorado and one team from Illinois and one team from Idaho.


Each team is guaranteed five games, all of which are to be played in four days.  This is our major fund raising project which generates approximately $ 20,000. in charitable revenue per year.


     Anaheim Youth of the Year  In 1981, the West Anaheim Lions Club sponsored the Anaheim Youth of the Year program. One winner was awarded $ 400.00.  Today, total awards of  $2000.00 are given each year,  $ 1000.00 is presented to the Winner and $ 500.00 each is given to the first two runner-ups. This all takes place as part of the City of Anaheim Youth In Government Day.   Awards are given based upon service given to the community outside of school activities. 


     Pancake Breakfasts  The Anaheim Lions Club continues to put on pancake breakfasts started by the Anaheim Host Lions Club in the 1950s. With a five foot round rotating grill, built by one of the members, a high school shop teacher,


our equipped trailer is rented out to different school booster clubs. Other grills are also provided for cooking sausages and eggs. We provide the equipment and manpower and they provide the food and retain the profits from their ticket sales.


For the past two years we have also provided a pancake breakfast for motel families at Christmas Time. 


      Community Health Care   On April 7, 2012 at the  West Anaheim Youth Center, 320 S. Beach Boulevard , a pancake breakfast will be served to motel families.  Afterwards,  dental examinations and care will be provided by our own Lion Dr. Robert Mokbel.. The District Sight and Hearing Mobile will be there with our own Lion Dr. Carlos Green doing the eye screening.  It should  be mentioned that Dr. Mokbel also  provided a free clinic sponsored by the Anaheim Lions Club  the last two years for abused women near  Christmas time.


     Student Speakers Program  Each of the clubs in the past have sponsored club level contests, and this year is no exception.  For over 30 years, Lion Chas Hendricks has served as chairman of this event, and continues to do a great job.


     Loara High School Leo Club. The Loara High School Leo Club was started last year under the guidance of our member, Past President Tom Brown, and chartered this year with over 50 members.  The Leos certainly are a great  help supplementing our work forces when putting on events.


     Eye Examinations and Glasses:  Over five thousand dollars is allocated each year for an on-going eye care program providing eye examinations and glasses for needy local elementary school children.  


     Other Charities: Other charities benefiting from the baseball tournament include, but are not limited to: Blind Children’s Learning Center, Braille Institute, City of Hope, Lions Sight & Hearing Mobile Testing, So Calif. Lions Eye Institute, Foundation for the Junior Blind, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Project Look, Guide Dogs of the Desert, Lions Canine Companions, PADRE Foundation, Wilderness Camp for the Deaf, Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, Boys & Girls Club of Anaheim, Anaheim YMCA,.




The Anaheim Lions Club is proud to be a member of Lions Clubs International and to be of service to our local community.