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Tournament Rules


Tournament Rules 2018


1.    The NationalHigh School Baseball Alliance will be used.

2.    Time Limit: There is a two (2) hour and 15 minute time limit for all games.  This is not a drop dead time limit, just no new inning will start after 2:15.

The exception to the rule is the championship game on Wednesday night.  It is not fair to other teams that play during the day to allow the last night game play beyond the time.   

3.    Championship Game Participants:  The teams with the best records over the first four games will play in the championship game on Wednesday night at 7:30 pm.  If there are more than two teams that have qualified to play, the following tiebreakers will be used:

a.    The two teams that have given up the fewest number of runs in their first four games will play;

b.    If there is still a tie between two or more schools and the teams have played in the tournament, the winner between the two schools will advance.

c.    If a tie still exists, we will look at the cumulative record of the teams that each school has played.  For example, if one team has played schools with an overall record of 12-4 and the other school has played a schedule with an overall record of 9-7, the 12-4 school will advance.

d.    If a tie still exists, the total number of runs scored minus the total number of runs given up.

e.    If a tie still exists, Call Rod, I surrender!!!! (total bases will be added up)

Total bases will be 1 base for a single, 2 bases for a double, 3 for a triple and four for a home run.  Walks and errors will count as one also – fielder’s choices are not bases.


4.    The home team is designated in game assignments.  Each team will get at least two home games.  The home team is in the third base dugout.

5.    In the championship game, the team that has given up the fewest number of runs is the home team.  If that is tied, see above.

6 Batting practice is allowed.  When at a city park, BP must be down in the corners away from the field and can not interfere with field prep.  If at a school, BP must be worked out with the host school.  Both teams must be offered the opportunity to hit, be it on the field or in the cages if teams are taking full BP. If teams are just soft tossing or using whiffle balls, teams are on their own for BP.

7.    Pre-game Infield – Please limit this to ten (10) minutes.  Please be aware of the city workers and do not play catch near them when they are working on the fields.  Please warm up as far away from them as possible.  Thank you.

8.    Official Scorebook: the home book is the official book.  It would be great if both books sat near each other, but that is not always possible.  Please check total bases before leaving the game, just in case of use in a tiebreaker.

9.    There are no speed up rules.

*If you have a 3-0 record going into Tuesday, please plan on playing at 3 pm or later on Wednesday.  The only exception will be teams who are from out of town and are traveling home that day.  They may play earlier if it can be arranged.  Please be flexible.  Thank you.


How are the finals determined?????

With the number of teams participating in the Lions Tournament, the question of how are the finals determined is always raised.  Basically put, the two teams with the best record (4-0) will play in the finals.

Question - what if there are more than two teams with a 4-0 record?

Well, every year since we expanded past 24 teams, we have had that occur.  The two teams that have given up the fewest number of runs will play in the finals.

If two teams are tied, then we will compare the overall records of the four teams that each of them played.  The team that played the tougher schedule when comparing W-L records within the tournament will advance.

If there is still a tie, we will look at total bases, but to date that has not happened. 


It is not a perfect science and we do the best we can.  With this years field of 62 teams, we are going to have more than 2 teams that are 4-0.  We will do the best we can.


Why don't we do a bracket?  The majority of the coaches don't want one.  One of the special and unique things about our tournament and something that has caused it to grow by leaps and bounds are these facts:

Teams do not play league opponents;

Teams do not play the same schools year in and year out;

Teams and parents know who they play, where they play and when they play well in advance.  This allows for them to make plans to attend and allows for coaches and players to make plans to do other things over there break.


If you have a suggestion as to how we can improve the tournament - we will listen!